China Jianyin Investment Ltd. (JIC) is an integrated investment group focused on equity investments. Our mission is to promote technological progress and industrial upgrading, strengthen the culture of the country, strengthen consumption and services, and improve livelihoods. We are committed to creating long-term, stable and sustainable returns on capital investment for our shareholders. As a State-owned enterprise (SOE), we are also committed to fulfilling social responsibilities. We have a profound grasp of the momentum of China economic growth transition, and have actively expanded our presence overseas to compete in the global market. We have focused our attention on the financial services, industrial manufacturing, culture and consumption , information technology and other sectors.

JIC has 14,000 employees around the world, and approximately 120 subsidiaries that are wholly or partly owned and operating across Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and oversea markets.

Its member companies

JIC Investment Co., Ltd.JIC Huawen Media Investment Ltd.JIC Technology Investment Co.,Ltd.

JIC Holding Co.,Ltd.JIC Trust Co., Ltd.Guotai Asset Management Co.Ltd.

JIC Leasing Co., Ltd. China Investment Consulting Co.,Ltd